7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lingerie for your Boudoir Session

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about me:

I love showing women of all shapes and sizes how beautiful they truly are through boudoir and glamour photography. When I'm not shooting in the studio I'm out shooting weddings or spending time with my family. I'm a wife & mom to one rad little dude and together we travel the country with our dog and two cats. We love challenging the 'norm' and living our lives how we choose.

My clients are mainly women because that is who I truly enjoy working with! I love breaking down those self confidence issues and bringing out your inner bad-ass; I feel so lucky to change someones perspective of themselves and show what I and the rest of the world see.

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7 Tips for Choosing your Lingerie

Tip #1

Make sure it fits snug

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Hard truth- lingerie shouldn't feel comfortable.

If your boudoir outfits aren't snug to your body it can create odd gaps during poses, slip into some unfortunate manner as well as fold & wrinkle. We want to FLATTER your body and curves not hide them behind fabric which brings me to my next point-


I get it, it hides the tummy but I promise you while these may make you feel great they are not flattering in images- one makes you lose any shape you have entirely and the other squishes and is often boxy. Let's just say that if you squeeze too tight in one place, it just ends up in another.

Go for bodysuits and high cut undies- these are universally flattering on almost every single body type. Thank me later!

Remember: Snug means fitted to your body, avoid clothing that is too tight that it cuts into you! If you are unsure of your size, grab a few and do the mirror check

Tip #2

Choose outfits that contrast

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Pale skin tends to look incredible in darker gem tones while dark skin 'pops' in lighter colors, this creates contrast which makes your images truly stunning! Black is universally flattering but If white or blush pink washes you out, just don't buy it!

Remember: If you can't decide just bring a variety to your session. Keep the tags on and return what you don't wear.

Tip #3

Avoid bright & neon colors

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That day-glow is a no go, sorry! Stick with neutral colors such as black and off white to keep the focus on YOU and your face and to fit the overall studio setting. Darker neutrals such as burgundy, emerald green and navy photograph great as well.

Pro tip: Bring a lighter outfit, a neutral dark and a gem toned color to create variety in your gallery.

Tip #4

Show some skin!

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Is your boudoir session REALLY the time to get nervous and want to cover up? NAW! This experience is all about loving and embracing yourself as you are so why choose outfits that hide ALL of that goodness? If privacy is a concern well girl I got you, your photos will remain private unless you sign a permission slip allowing me to share them! You only leave with images you absolutely love  but I have to tell you, mine and my clients favorites are always the implied nudes.

Remember: if you cannot fathom the idea of being naked in a photograph, maybe a boudoir experience isn't for you and that's OKAY! Just know that we shoot implied nude meaning nothing is exposed unless you choose to be topless, we don't shoot bare bottoms or genitals. Boudoir is a classy and self love experience!

Tip #5

High Waist Everything

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You know those baywatch swim suits? Yeah, aim for that! The bodysuits with higher cut thighs make your booty appear rounder and your legs look longer. If it feels borderline ridiculous you're in the right outfit!

Remember: High waists are universally flattering, cheeky panties make a booty appear rounder but boyshort style undies do the opposite!

Tip #6

Bring a sweater if you want!

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This helps as an 'ice breaker' outfit for those ladies that are especially nervous for their shoot! Pair an oversize sweater (preferably with some awesome knit texture) with some cheeky bottoms and thigh high socks and you've got a super cute comfy 'lounge' outfit that'll add depth to your gallery

Pro tip: make sure it is OVERSIZE as in it can cover your bum or drape easily if needed. There's something to be said for a $5 goodwill mens sweater

Tip #7

If you aren't sure- ASK

If you're a client that means you have ACCESS to me and my advice, do not be afraid to use it! I would rather go back and forth emailing you all day and help you choose outfits that flatter your body than you guess and show up in something unflattering that will make my job harder and risk you not absolutely LOVING your images. You've got me and my knowledge base, use it!


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