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I'm all about honesty in business. While we're on the topic you can rest assured that when you invest in me you're supporting my borderline problematic caffeine addiction... OKAY and a little bit of my son's future college education or first home. We've got time though, he's six.

While we're keeping it real I bet you're shopping around for the perfect photographer for your wedding. If you're not and you're just here to creep well then creep on my fellow creeper! Back to the soon to be married couples though, I can almost guarantee there's a bunch of other photographers out there with a similar skill set, the same equipment and maybe as much love for photographing weddings as me. Why on earth would I tell you that? Well it's the truth and it's a saturated industry, but receiving beautiful images is only half the experience. You need someone by your side on your wedding day that you are EXCITED to spend a bunch of time with, someone that can keep you on track and someone that knows the timeline like the back of her hand; probably 'cause she made it- what up. Most importantly you need someone that you can trust and rely on without a doubt, My friend, that is ME.

I'm not only great behind the lens but I'm also pretty alright to hang out with, I'll keep things running smoothly all day and DEFINITELY get your mother-in-law shaking her booty on the dance floor.Every year I take on a very limited amount of weddings so I can provide my couples with the customer service and experience they deserve, from the initial inquiry to the album delivery.

Let's chat.

Currently based in Olympia, Washington but you might be able to tempt me to travel


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Columbus Georgia Elopement Styled Shoot


Specializing in Wedding, Elopement & Boudoir Photography for the modern woman



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