A little bit about me.

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 My photography journey began and fizzled in 2005 in my High School film class. Later on in college I changed my major like it was my job, but I was always drawn towards the psychology classes and you wouldn't believe how handy those have come with my now career. I truly loved photography but it got pushed to the side until my son was born in 2012. Looking to get back into documenting my sons life, it quickly grew into a huge passion of mine! Over the last few years I've lived, breathed and slept photography and read any and everything I could get my hands on. I'm always perfecting my craft and striving to learn new techniques as well as networking with other industry professionals

In my personal life I enjoy…

Being the best mom I can be. Living in as many states as possible. Otis and Bear, my two American Bulldogs. The cats I somehow acquired (crazy cat lady starter pack!) Knitting & crocheting. Podcasts. Tea. Frye boots. Spooky stuff. Extroverted Introvert. Quiet mornings. Unexpected gifts. Meeting someone and instantly feeling like you’ve known them forever.