How to Prepare for your Boudoir Photo Session

So you've taken the plunge or are about to and want to know how to prepare yourself for that incredible boudoir experience you're about to have! I've compiled a few of my best tips to share with you and I hope you enjoy!

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About a week before your session, seriously increase your water intake. I mean, a lot. This really helps your skin get that soft, glowing and hydrated look that even Photoshop won't be able to recreate. Mother nature does best, so whatever you're sipping on (water wise, I've got some tips on booze further down) I want you to double it!


Often overlooked, having freshly painted and at the minimum buffed and cleaned nails can really make or break an image. Nothing worse than getting that sexy closeup of you running your hands through your hair only to reveal jagged and unkempt polish! Treat yourself to a mani/ped a few days before the session and try to avoid wild 'on trend' colors that will clash with your outfits choices


Repeat after me: I WILL NOT VISIT THE SALON AND MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES THE DAY BEFORE MY SESSION. Say it again out loud for fun, we recommend a touch up or cut about a week before the session for the color to become more realistic. The camera sees much more of the color spectrum than our naked eyes so freshly dyed hair becomes very vibrant and not realistic. Also, in the off chance you got a really bad cut or dye job, there would still be time to make corrective measures.


Use  your best judgement with the methods you typically use and know the rate of your hair growth. Make sure to pay extra close attention to details and take your time. Prefer to go au natural? Power to you mama, do you!


I know, I know. I'm all about embracing you for who you are, so if this isn't something you typically do please skip it all together. I mentioned earlier that cameras pick up a lot more colors than our eyes see, well one of those colors it really loves to pick up well is orange. Don't risk the oompa loompa look and simply show up with your skin clean and moisturized- I can always add a little extra color in the editing process but it's extremely hard to take it away. 


A little booze seems like an awesome way to loosen up during your session- and honestly it can be. But the key is a LITTLE. Too much booze before or during the session can actually impact the entire experience. So within a few days of your session just skip the alcohol, if you need a little sip of confidence during the shoot we can make that happen.


Make sure your bag is packed the night before, the last thing you'd want is to forget something important you wanted to incorporate or wear due to last minute packing


Try to get a consistent sleep schedule and plenty of rest. We're literally talking beauty sleep here! 


If you are getting the full makeover experience, come to the studio with clean dried hair. You'll want to wash and blow dry it the morning of your session so Heather can do her thing and turn you into a glammed up boudie babe! Make sure your face is cleaned and moisturized and be sure to communicate any allergies or conditions with the makeup artist. 

10) Moisturize

Give yourself that gorgeous dewy looking skin and moisturize your body fresh out of the shower. I recommend the spray on body lotions you can find at the supermarket, Vaseline makes a good line that isn't thick or sticky. Avoid anything glittery, highly fragranced or something that will stain your clothes, my bedding etc. Spray it on and you're good to go!

11) Wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment

Today isn't the day for skinny jeans my friend, put on your comfiest set of sweats and either a comfortable sports bra or something that you know doesn't dig into your skin. Nothing ruins a session like red lines all over your body from tight fitting clothing. 


I wanted to include outfit choices on this list but it's something so personal and unique to each individual person I couldn't possibly tell EVERYONE what to wear. I recommend finding something that really accentuates your curves, is flattering on your body type and gives you support where it's needed (or not!). There are many fantastic and inexpensive places you can find lingerie these days so you don't have to spend a fortune. I recommend H&M, Forever21, Yandy, BooHoo and even Amazon!

Interested in booking a boudoir session for yourself?

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