Way Down South - Outdoor Boudoir

It’s no secret I spent a few years in the deep south

It’s part of the lifestyle, we move and we move a lot to places that we sometimes might not have chosen for ourselves. What are you gonna do about it? For about three years we called Georgia home, and I am so grateful for those three years! Now mind you, living in the ‘deep south’ can be a bit of a culture shock, but I was so blessed to connect with so many amazing people; clients, vendors, friends. Before we left I knew I had to incorporate one last shoot, and I knew just who to call. The first time I met this girl, she rolled up to my house in this old bench seat Dodge Ram, the entire bed built out with wood and I knew I had to shoot her in it!

Jumping to the now, I’m greatly awaiting the spring and summer here in the beautiful PNW and you better believe I have big plans to stick someone in the water! The only rule of outdoor boudoir, modesty goes out the window! (ponchos and blankets are always welcome for that quick emergency cover-up)

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