Boudoir & Glamour Sessions

+ What do your sessions cost?

Depending on the package you choose, your sitting fee will be between $200-300

+ What is included?

Your sitting fee reserves your date in my calendar, the professional shoot and up to two hours of my time. Depending on the package you select this will also cover your professional makeover

+ Is warddrobe provided?

Due to the intimate nature of these shoots, warddrobe is not provided. Once booked you receive a super handy guide to prepare for your shoot and there are a ton of affordable and quality shopping suggestions!

+ How much do your clients typically spend?

While there is no 'one size fits all' option, my clients tend to invest between 900-2000 overall on products and files they LOVE. There is never any obligation or pressure to purchase and you only walk away with what you LOVE and images that make you feel gorgeous

+ Where do you shoot?

Currently I shoot out of my home studio, airbnbs or clients own homes. While I prefer to use my own space, there is some wiggle room!

+ Do you shoot on weekends or evenings?

NOPE! My hours for boudoir sessions are strictly limited to Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) and session times start promptly at 10am. What better excuse to play hookie from work than a day of pampering and embracing your femininity! You should probably tell them you have a doctors appointment though, I don't know if my excuse will hold up with your boss ;)

+ Where can I see more of your work?

Due to the intimate nature of boudoir photography I share sessions in my private, female only Boudoir group on Facebook. We're a real fun bunch and the secret blog you get access to is AHHHMAZING. You can find the group here:

+ How far in advance should I book my session?

Let's put it this way, you can never be too early. My schedule books up 4 months in advance and to account for any album creation you should give youself at least 60 days if not more. If you are thinking of doing the session as a gift for the holidays please book as soon as possible as these dates are hihgly requested

+ How soon after my shoot will I see my images?

About an hour! After the shoot I will send you out for some lunch or to a local coffee shop while I edit your images. Each image will have basic color corrections and my edit, this does not include retouching. We go through your gallery of images and you make your product selections. Product payment is due at this time, orders cannot be placed after the image reveal but do not worry- payment plans are available