Editing + Retouching

Hey ladies, I had some questions recently in the group about editing and all things Photoshop. I did a quick video on how I process each and every boudoir image!

First is a RAW image, this is flat and straight out of the camera and imported into Lightroom. Here is where I tone and adjust brightness and shadows to give the photo a punchier and more surreal feeling. After this is done I import the photo into Photoshop and do some quick cloning of any acne bumps, bruises and ouchies that wouldn't be there within two weeks. I briefly demonstrate that I can remove fly-aways and body hair but from the video you can see that it would take quite a while to do for the entire image. After the spot healing is finished I run a Frequency Separation action to blend the colors together and create smoother, less blotchy skin. After FS I run an airbrush action to put the finishing touches on the photo, here you can see that I go over every area of exposed skin at different opacities and sizes being careful to not brush over any important features or the background.

This was a SUPER quick video I made and I know the quality is in and out, but you can still see the basics of how I process images. If you have any questions regarding editing or what I can/can't do in Photoshop don't hesitate to ask!