Miss D (1/2)

Miss D came to me looking to do a boudoir session for HER DAMN SELF which we can all relate to. Whenever I have clients come in looking to gift the session I agree that yes, this is THE BEST gift but at the same time it needs to be about YOU embracing who you are. 

I liken a boudoir session to therapy- and really there is a lot of overlap.

Expensive- check
Emotional release- check
Unbiased input- check
A friendly yet professional person to rely on- check
Usually about an hour?- check

For me the only difference is if you show up in your underwear at your therapists office it might not go over so well... 


Miss D had such an incredible experience, so much so that SHE DID IT TWICE! You read that right, the first time she wasn't sure how far she wanted to push herself but immediately afterwards she knew that she could go bolder. BOLDER YOU SAY, oh and bold she went but you'll have to wait for the follow up blog post!