Miss L

An Interview with Miss L

Q: Tell me a little bit about your medical condition and all the surgeries you've had
A: That’s kind of loaded and I wish there was a short answer to this but there isn’t. I have something called Gardner’s Syndrome and it runs through my mom’s side of the family. Of those of us that have a chance of getting it, 3/4 DO get it. It’s genetic pre-cancer that primarily targets the colon and dramatically increases the chances of thyroid, pancreas and liver cancers. Plus, the scar tissue doesn’t stop growing so I have to be careful about any exercise I do. And I can’t eat 98% of vegetables anymore because of my surgeries.

I’ve had a total of 3 surgeries so far (there will eventually be more). My first was a couple months after my 16th birthday. I had been exhausted and in pain so I had a scope done. And there were all these polyps. You couldn’t see my intestinal wall. So I went to a surgeon in Colorado and they took all but 2 inches of my large intestine out. Then, in 2016 some of the same issues started back up. There was a lot of tests I had to do this time around but the result was the same: surgery. This time, I went to NYC to see the best surgeon for my disease.

It was a 2 surgery procedure to create a J-pouch. They took the last of my large intestine and made the end of my small into this little pouch to take its place. But it couldn’t have food running through it in order to heal. So I had an ostomy bag for 3 months. Basically, it’s your own personal porta-potty on your hip. Then I went back and the hooked up my digestive track again. The recovery, overall, was tough. My diet shifted for the second time in 8 years and I had to be super careful, and still do. The wrong food can have me curled up in pain for hours on end.

Because the large intestine processes your water, dehydration is a big deal. While I was recovering, I had to go to the ER in Atlanta twice for emergency fluids. It’s a freaky thing, to be honest, because it hits hard and fast and it’s very hard to stop since I can’t guzzle water to fix it. It took about a month to get that situation figured out. Also, your large intestine houses your big hunger hormone. So with that taken out, I literally have no appetite. Which makes eating hard because I can’t eat big meals and I forget to eat, which isn’t exactly healthy for your body.

Q: What was your first reptilian pet and how many do you currently have?
 First reptile was Apep, the snake we shot with. He’s my baby. I’ve had him about 2 1/2 years I think? Currently I have 9 reptiles. 2 snakes, 1 leopard gecko, 1 Savannah monitor, 1 bearded dragon, 1 blue iguana, 1 red iguana, and 2 green iguanas.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how did you rate your body confidence before your shoot? How about after your shoot?
Before, maybe a 4? After, definitely an 8 or 9!

Q: What was your biggest fear before hiring me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
A: I’m honestly not sure. I guess looking ridiculous? I tried not to think about the possible negatives, honestly. Other wise, I would’ve talked myself out of it.

Q: Tell me some of the awful things inner you says about yourself- just so we can all have a good laugh because you're stunning
A: Oh gosh. “People only see your scars” is something I struggle with. “You’re too thick around your gut.” “Tight clothes make you look weird since you had that surgery.” They’re all surgery related, though it’s gotten better.

Q: Were you nervous about your shoot? Was I able to alleviate those nerves?
A: I was kind of nervous but talking to you leading up to the shoot and seeing some of the other ladies’ shoots on the blog really helped. Plus you had me laughing as we were joking around which was great.

Q: How did you feel after you saw your photos for the first time?
 I was stunned and excited because I did not think that I could look like that. You seriously worked some magic with your camera.

Q: What, specifically, was your favorite part of your boudoir experience and why?
That’s not a fair question. At all. The whole experience was great and amazing. If I had to pick, I’d probably have to say the cutting up and the joking because it kinda felt like we were hanging out more than anything. Though the lingerie shopping was fun

Q: What advice would you give to other women thinking about having a boudoir session?
 Do it, for whatever reason. Whether for yourself or for somebody else, go for it and embrace yourself. It started out as a gift for my fiancé and quickly became about me and making me feel good about myself.

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