Miss J

Miss J showed up to her appointment rocking a freshly shaved mohawk and eyes that pierce your soul, I just knew we had to get a really alternative and edgy vibe from her shoot. Heather did her thing and glammed Miss J up in no time fast because she's most definitely a makeup wizard. I've watched people have professional makeup applied before but before Heather I've never seen anyone look so comfortable while a stranger glams them up. While her makeup was being applied I went through the rundown with Miss J and asked her what she's comfortable with, how she likes to be posed, what her preferences are and overall the look that she's aiming to achieve with this shoot. We started with simple and coy poses on the bed and after cracking some of my best 'dad at a barbecue' jokes mixed in with my overall extremely dry sense or humor I got her to relax a little and forget that the camera was focused on her. Between posing and shooting we are constantly talking- life, loves, hobbies, where that random bruise came from, deep weird personal stuff and it's pretty much the best conversation ever. My main goal when shooting intimate portraiture is to make you feel comfortable and give you a safe place to feel sexy, confident and powerful- and express it in whatever way that means to you. Miss J started off fairly conservative in a babydoll and ended up deciding to be bold and end the session with topless old school glamour poses in front of my handpainted canvas backdrop. As you can see by the images, you can almost pin-point the shot that it all became normal for her, and once we hit that point well man, that's when we can really create art.

I'll end this with a quote from Miss J herself

"Oh. My. Gosh. I have never felt sexier. Seriously these are phenomenal. I'm so in love!!!"
"I feel so uncomfortably vain right now, I keep looking at them. You sure know how to capture and enhance beauty."

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