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Jewels, Jacob + Zoey - Lifestyle

Jewels and Jacob are two of the nicest people and are faced with a truly terrible situation. Their beloved German Shepard, Zoey, was recently diagnosed with a very rapidly progressing type of cancer and they are unsure of how much quality time they will have together.

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Harris County, Georgia | Indoor Lifestyle Maternity Photography

Where I live on Fort Benning it can sometimes feel like the houses are right on top of each other, or in my case attached by a garage. But just a short drive away up in Harris County, Georgia I felt like there was room to breathe! Driving into Ms. L's neighborhood reminded me of my Grandmothers neighborhood in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Lifestyle Sessions - A day with the DeArmas

 Most of my time behind the camera, I've always been drawn to a more journalistic approach; a fly on the wall if you will. For me it seems more genuine and memorable than most posed work, which I have absolutely nothing against and when done well it can be fantastic! But I wondered to myself, what would I personally like to remember more from this part of my life... the real day to day moments in all their chaos and glory

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