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Katie + Steve - Downtown Sunrise Engagement Session

Industrial + Coffee Shop Sunrise engagement session in Downtown Columbus Georgia

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Arianna + Carrie - Surprise Proposal - Fort Benning, Georgia

Arianna and Carrie have been married for a few years now, but due to both of their military careers they never had the chance to do it “right”. Arianna wanted to surprise Carrie with a true proposal and plan out their perfect wedding together in California. So we went about the session like I would a typically with other couples, Arianna knew the spot I chose so I posed them and waited for her to act. Poor Carrie was caught so off guard, she kept asking if it was planned and if I knew. After the initial jitters wore off, she totally said yes and they had a lovely romantic stroll through the creek and into the sunset.  

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Taylor + Dustin - Engagement Session - Columbus, Georgia

Taylor & Dustin Fall Engagement session

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